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Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is a specialized form of couples therapy designed to help couples who are considering divorce or separation to make an informed and thoughtful decision about the future of their relationship. It is typically short-term, often consisting of just a few sessions. The goal is not to resolve all the issues in the relationship but to help the couple gain clarity about their options and make a decision about whether to work on the relationship or proceed with separation.

Deciding whether you need discernment counseling can be a significant step in a challenging time of your relationship. Here are some signs and situations that may indicate that discernment counseling could be beneficial for you:

Mixed Feelings About Your Relationship: If you or your partner have mixed feelings about the future of your relationship and are uncertain about whether to stay together, separate, or divorce, discernment counseling can help clarify your thoughts and feelings.

Communication Breakdown: If communication between you and your partner has deteriorated to the point where you struggle to have constructive conversations about your relationship, discernment counseling can provide a structured and supportive environment for communication.

One Partner Wants to Separate or Divorce: When one partner is leaning towards ending the relationship while the other is open to reconciliation, discernment counseling can help both partners better understand their own and each other's perspectives.

Children Are Involved: If you have children and want to make decisions that consider their well-being, discernment counseling can help you explore options for co-parenting and the potential impact of your decisions on them.

Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed: When you feel stuck in your relationship or overwhelmed by the prospect of making such a significant decision, discernment counseling can provide clarity and guidance.

Desire for a Short-Term Commitment: If you prefer a shorter-term counseling process focused on decision-making rather than long-term therapy, discernment counseling is designed to be more time-limited and goal-oriented.

Respectful and Thoughtful Decision-Making: If you want to make decisions about your relationship that are thoughtful, respectful, and considerate of both partners' needs and desires, discernment counseling can help facilitate that process.

Willingness to Participate: Both partners must be willing to engage in discernment counseling. It's most effective when both parties are open to exploring their feelings and the potential outcomes.

Avoiding Rash Decisions: If you're concerned about making hasty decisions that you might later regret, discernment counseling can provide a structured space to deliberate and consider your options more thoroughly.

Emotional Distress: If the uncertainty and stress surrounding your relationship are causing emotional distress, discernment counseling can help reduce anxiety and provide emotional support.

Ultimately, the decision to seek discernment counseling should be a mutual one between you and your partner. As your therapist, I will help you explore your feelings and options, whether that involves reconciliation, separation, or divorce, in a respectful and considerate manner.